Green Factory

First Leed Platinum Certified Green factory In India

It’s a voluntary, market-driven, consensus-based tool that serves as a guideline & assessment mechanism. LEED rating system address commercial, institutional & residential buildings & neighborhood developments. LEED emphasizes integrative design, integration of existing technology and state-of the-art strategies.

LEED is a framework for identifying implementing & measuring Green Building & Neighborhood design, construction, operation & maintenance.

Credit Categories

Sags Apparels Achieved Points

Parameters weightage
Location & Transport 15
Sustainable Sites 09
Water Efficiency 09
Energy & Atmosphere 25
Materials & Resources 05
Indoor Environment Quality 15
Innovation 04
Regional Priority 04
Total 86

Location & Transport

More than 75% of employees are coming to work through walking & Public transportation. Also awareness campaign are planned to educate them on the benefits of alternate transportation.

Sustainable Sites

Site Development Protect

5000 sqft Landscape With Native/Adaptive Plant Species is Placed on Both Roof & Ground,This Promotes Bio Diversity And Water Hydrology

Rain Water Harvesting

15 m3/day of rain water run off will be harvested through recharge pit to improve the water table in the local society and environment

Heat Island Effect

Parking area will be completely covered from Native trees reducing the heat gain by sheds/vehicles which can cause heat island

Site Management

100 % Organic fertilizers & pesticides will be used in the site for cultivation and maintenance of existing and new plantations.

Energy & Atmosphere

LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 ENERGY AUDIT Conducted in the Facility and identified conservation

Measures which can reduce the Carbon Footprint by 20 METRIC TON PER ANNUM. These Measures are being implemented and are under Various stages of completion

Energy Meters
advanced systems

All systems will be monitored separately through individual Smart Energy Meters for Trend Analysis & Continuous Improvement


All Air Conditioning requirements will use R32 with ODP of 0 & GWP of 675 type refrigerants to reduce environmental impact.

Commissioning Regular

The site will have regular commissioning and periodic testing done on crucial parameters to continuously improve the energy performance of the factory

On Site Solar Panels

Solar PV of 30 kW will be installed to generate 60 % of Annual Energy Consumption of the factory.

Indoor Air Quality

Adequate Fresh Air

The factory is setup to support adequate fresh air flow between the structures to enable the employees to be in touch with the environment.

Materials & Resources

Efficient Waste Management

Our Facility would be diverting more than 80% of waste from Land-fill to Reuse through Efficient Waste management practices.

Sustainability Seals

Green Seal Certification Cleaning chemicals For low environmental impact as well as harmless to building occupants

Lighting Approach

Zero Mercury

All lights used are free from Mercury and are LED type, which saves 40% of the energy usage.

Comfort Day Light

More than 50% of production area has illuminance levels between 300 to 3000 lux enabling comfortable operation,

Safe Environment

Smoke Free

Smoking is prohibited within 25ft of all operable windows & doors

Pesticides Reduction

If required, only Least Toxic Chemical Pesticides will be used for Pest Control through IPMP

Certified Cleaners

CRI certified Vacuum Cleaner to be used for High-Level Cleanliness throughout the Facility

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