Roadmap to Net Zero

Net Zero Goal



Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Water


Net Zero Water

Net Zero Waste


Net Zero Waste

Net Zero Carbon


Net Zero Carbon

Energy By 2025

100% Renewable energy with onsite solar PVS capacity of 250 KWS

Green Power & Carbon Offset
Total Equipment load (KW) 180
Diversity Factor (75%) 135
Operating Hours 8
Working Days 280
Total Consumption (KWH / Annum) 302400
Carbon Emission produced by building kg (0.32 / KWH) 96,768
Carbon Offset (MT) 96.80
Solar PV Capacity (KW) 250
Solar PV Productions Capacity (KWH / Annum) 3,84,575
Carbon Emission produced by Solar kg (0.015 / KWH) 5769
Carbon Offset (MT) 5.8
Carbon Offset (MT) 91
Solar Energy
Renewable energy

Water By 2026

Roof Rain Water Harvesting Savings Planning’s

  • SUMP storage capacity: 500,000 liters.
  • Excess rainwater from roofs will overflow to the ground, recharging the borewell (which has a big empty fracture). This aquifer has a storage capacity of 20 million liters.

Storm Water Recharging

  • Will directly inject after filtering all contaminations into the borewell, which has an aquifer storage capacity of 10 million liters.


Annual rainfall catchment including Storm water / Roof water will be 12.5 million liters.

Our Water Demands

  • Overall water demand per day: 21,000 liters per day, which includes washrooms, dining rooms, laboratories, ironing steamers, air coolers, and landscaping.
  • Average water requirements per year will be 8 million liters, but our annual rainfall savings and recharge will be 12 million liters.
Our Water Demands

Carbon (Scope: 1/2) By 2036

Total occupant CO2 emissions = 38070 kg per year

  • Based on a landscaping area of 35,000 sq. ft. with trees planted, CO2 absorption will be 3200 kg per year (considering all young, aged trees planted).
  • Number of years required to make carbon neutral: 12 years (2024–2036).
  • 3200 kg per year x 12 years = 38400 kg.

Waste By 2027

Our ultimate goal is that nothing goes to landfills from our facility.

  • Fabrics Cutting waste will be recycled or reused.
  • Polybags, paper waste, and e-waste will be sent to recycled vendors to give them another life.
  • Food waste will be sent to farm fields as manure
our Facility


“Be the change that you
wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhi