Production Facilities

We have a vertical in-house production facility to produce high-fashion knitted garments. With more than 25 years of experience and state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Our products are targeted at trendy fashion-oriented lines for both sexes in the upper middle-class segment. Our garments are exported to many European and North American countries. We conform to international standards in human resource practices and adopt eco-friendly standards in production.

inhouse production

We aims to be the best knitted garment manufacturing and exporting company

We continuously incorporate the latest technological advances in manufacturing processes to ensure that our esteemed customers receive top-of-line quality products. Our objective is to be the pioneer in implementing new manufacturing technologies, which translate into an even superior product for our customers.

Frequent changes in fashion trends make it imperative for suppliers to deliver newer styles quickly to their customers. Understanding the need for timely delivery we always aim to provide our customers an efficient and satisfying service.

A Garment is not really complete till the last stitch is perfect in place. Our garment unit are equipped with latest and most modern machines.

Quality / Reliability

Because ultimately, it is the product that has to satisfy all the requirements. This can only be secured by an efficient technology transfer between the manufacturer and the customers. With in-house training and continued professional development with production standardised and consistent quality management, the SAGS group manufacturers top quality products.


It is the design, which sets international trends and it is measured by the quality of the products We produce ready to wear clothing from designs with modern machinery, trained skilled employees and convincing logistics.



“Be the change that you
wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhi