Empowering nation through women empowerment

Asia's 1st Garment Manufacturing Facility to Achieve Net-Zero in all forms

Empowering nation through women empowerment

Sustainably Designed/Crafted According to Occupants Health/Well Being as our Priority

Empowering nation through women empowerment

Factory which produce more energy than it consumes

Empowering nation through women empowerment

Pioneer in manufacturing
sustainable high quality

Empowering nation through women empowerment

Converting 1000s of
farmers from Conventional to Organic Farming & Supporting with fair prices / Premium to improve their life standards

Empowering nation through women empowerment

Empowering nation through
women empowerment

Our Story

Our Managing Partners & Founders of SAGS Apparels, began his textile career in 1997, Starting from Scratch.

Started Business with 2 Employees in a 500 sqft as a trading agent.

Founded First Garment manufacturing facility with only 30 Employees in 3500 sqft, Focus on organic products.

Expand our Production capacity with 150 Employees with 20,000 sqft, Our 100% capacity been Utilised for Manufacturing Organic & Fair Trade Products.

Further Expaned our Capacity with all together 4 Manufacturing Units with 400 Employees, Production capacity of 100,000 pcs Per Month.

SAGS Apparels founded the first LEED Platinum Certified Green factory in Asia, setting an example of environmental responsibility within the industry.

Have Won German Sustainable Award for Our Environmental achievement along with our Customer Brands fashion GmbH.

India’s First Factory & Supply Chain to Certify Cradle to Cradle Gold Standards.

World’s First Factory & Supply chain to Certify Fair Trade Textile standards.

Designed / Builded Asia’s First Garment Manufacturing facility to Achieve Net Zero (Energy, Water, Carbon (Scope-1/2) & Waste).

Our Products

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1.3 Million garments produced every year sustainably using 100% Organic +Fair trade cotton.

70,000 Euros premium paid to farmers & farming societies every year.

Supporting 2000+ farmers who cultivate organic farming’s.

First supply chain to pay living wages across all processing’s.


We are redefining sustainability in every drop by conserving rainfall, minimizing energy, water, and waste, and reducing CO2 emissions by 95.2%. Join us in leading the Textile towards creating a brighter and more sustainable future as we proudly announce our company’s achievement as the world’s number one net-zero enterprise. “Where every choice matters and every garment tell a story of conscious living.”


Reduction of Carbon Emission Per Garment


Reduction in Water use


Reduction in Energy use


Onsite Renewable Energy


Annual Rain Water Harvesting / Recharging – 12 Millions Litres


Reduction In Carbon Emission – 1030 Metric ton per Annum

Production Facilities

Production Facilities

We are having vertical inhouse production facility to produce high fashion knitted garments. With more than 25 years experience and state of the art manufacturing facilities

Inhouse production
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“Be the change that you
wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhi