Net Zero Designed Lead Platinum Certified Green Factory


  • First Garment Manufacturing Factory to Achieve Net Zero in Energy, Water, Waste, and Carbon (Scope-1/2).
  • Sustainably Designed / Crafted according to LEED Platinum Standards.
  • The factory has been Designed / Created according to occupants health and well being as a highest priority.
  • All the materials used for construction have been sourced from responsible resources.

Main Building Highlights

  • Energy savings through passive architecture.
  • We have used high-solar reflection index steel sheets for roofs; the SRI value is 90 & above.
    Solar reflection technology helps reduce energy consumption by 15% and offers great
    thermal comfort inside buildings, reducing the temperature by 6 degrees compared to the
    outside temperature.
Main Building Highlights

Main Building Facia Glasses

  • The facade of the main building is 70% covered with toughened double-glazed glass.
  • Which is high-performance solar control glass with advanced thermal insulation.
  • Also blocks up to 77% of solar heat by reflecting it outside

Occupants Comfort

  • We have installed evaporator air coolers, which have advanced cooling technology.
  • Also installed high-efficiency exhaust fans to ensure adequate fresh air circulation inside the factory.

Lead Credit Achievement

Integrative Process

Integrative Process

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Location and Transportation

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Sustainable Sites

Sustainable Sites

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Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency

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Energy and Atmosphere

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Materials and Resources

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Indoor Environmental

Indoor Environmental Quality

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Regional Priority Credits

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On Site
Renewable Energy

  • 100% Onsite renewable energy production –
    250kws rooftop solar PVS.
  • Solar panels modules installed has excellent high power
    generation efficiency.
  • Annual reduction in carbon emission per year – 1030 metric tones.
Renewable Energy

Rain Water Harvesting

  • In our facility-we don’t leave any drop of rain water getting wasted.
  • Designed the rain water harvesting to get maximum efficiency.
Rain Water Harvestings

Roof Rain Water Harvestings

roof water

All the roof water been collected & filtered with high technology water filter which take away all micro dusts & re-used for toilets flushings / landscaping / ironing steaming / laboratory.

Rain water

We have Designed the Rain water Harvesting Sump tank with Maximum capacity of 500,000 litres. Which can fulfil our daily water demand for 25 working days.


Excess water from rooftop will overflow to ground recharging borewell-1 (which have big empty fracture, this aquifer have storage capacity of 20 millions litres). With the help of geolist, we made the survey in our campus to find the recharging points with high capacity aquifer.

Roof Rain Water Harvestings

Storm Drain Water

  • Will inject storm drain water after filtering all contaminations to borewell – 2, which has aquifer storage capacity of 10 million litres.
  • With borewell recharging- ground water table will increase, which will benefit to us & also other neighbours located around our facility.
  • Approx. – Annual rainfall catchment including storm water / roof water will be 12.5 million litres.
Storm Drain Water
Landscaping Irrigation


We use rain bird automation irrigation system, which utilize the water in intelligent way. If we use conventional method of water spraying-we consume- 6 ltrs per sqft. By using rain bird irrigations system, its decrease to 2 ltrs per sqft. So we are saving 140,000 ltrs of water per day.

Installed rain sensors in the landscaping area-so if we have rainfall in last 12 hours. It can deduct automatically & will not spray the waters.

Low Water

  • We have installed low flow water fixtures in all departments to reduce the water consumptions.
  • We have given green educations to all workers to utilise the water more responsibly.
Low Water Consumption
Permaculture Landscaping

Permaculture Landscaping

  • What is Permaculture? – It is a design system for ecological & sustainable living. Integrating trees / Plants / Animals / Buildings / People.
  • 1/3rd of our factory area been completely planted with landscaping, which has native trees / plants. Which promotes bio diversity / water hydrology.
  • All our STP / ETP water been completely treated & reused / utilised for landscaping area.

Highlights of
Office Furnishings

All the furniture’s / tables used in the office rooms been sourced from Steelcase, which is made out of either cradle to cradle certified or with 60 – 70% recycled materials.

Office Furnishings

Green Education

We have given Green Educations to all our Workers / Staffs. With these environmental awareness
Educations / Trainings. We are taking all the sustainable initiatives to our society.

Green Education
environmental awareness

Recycled Materials



Reduce the use of virgin materials in all civil supplies.



40% of total material used in construction will be recycled.



Minimal environment


“Be the change that you
wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhi